Fire Up with Summer’s Hottest Seasoning: Himalayan Pink Salt

Summer is made for grilling, and we look forward to bringing our culinary creations to the great outdoors! Whether you’re firing up the grill for the first time or prepping for a casual poolside party, Himalayan Pink Salt is the juicy secret to your most tasty marinades! Sprinkle Pink Salt atop steaks, seafood, poultry and veggies before throwing them on the grill, and voila - watch bold flavors come to life!

Check out this Easy Grilling Recipe with BBQ Chicken and Himalayan Pink Salt....

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Snacking Success for the Open Road

Are you hitting the open road this summer? Whether you’re driving across the US or taking the scenic route to the beach, be sure to buckle up, turn up your favorite tunes, and pack some super-tasting superfood snacks! Healthy bites like superfoods lend the perfect energy boost while at the wheel or navigating from shot-gun....

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The Himalania Difference

Chia for Change is driven by the vision of social progress and sustainable harvesting. With Chia for Change, we support long-term trade partnerships that create opportunity for small-scale farmers and their families. Sourcing Chia under Fair Trade methods improves futures with fair wages, working conditions, and bargaining power. Chia for Change ensures access to proper healthcare, and organic farming education that leads to more pure ingredients and a healthier planet. Chia for Change ensures that your support makes the world a better place....

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