Shelled Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds have been an important source of nutrition to indigenous cultures for thousands of years! Cultivation of this nutritionally complete seed began in Central Asia and has spread towards East Asia, India, Europe and Canada over time. The finest quality hemp seeds are hulled through a no-heat process that offers a convenient and delicious way to enjoy hemp seeds, with all of the beneficial nutrients intact! A unique addition to your pantry, the outer shell has been removed yielding the white inner meat that has been lightly dusted with 100% natural Himalayan Pink Salt.


✔Excellent source of Protein, Magnesium and Iron; a good source of Potassium
✔With 3g Omega-3 / 9g Omega-6 per serving

How to Use it

Carefully roasted hemp seeds impart a mild, nutty flavoring, pair perfectly with salads, soups, yogurts, and cereals.